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Rest your spirit and your mind as you melt away to a mixture of Swedish, Deep tissue with focus in needed areas. Includes optional aromatherapy.
50 minutes - $90.00
80 minutes - $100.00
A lighter touch warming the tissue that can be slow and gentle or more vigorous helping to release tension and promoting relaxation.
50 minutes - $60.00
80 minutes - $75.00
1/2 hour upper body - $45.00

Deep Tissue 
Slower and deeper pressure to reach the deeper musculature and relieve tension. 
50 minutes - $75.00
80 minutes - $90.00
1/2 hour Upper body - $55.00
Pressure technique focusing on key points on the hands and feet corresponding to the zones and reflexes which are relative to all parts of the internal glands and organs. 
30 minutes: $40.00
Energy work using light to no touch with the intention of supporting healing and centering.
50 minutes - $60.00

By Appointment Only
No Walk-In Massage Services

Please use contact page to schedule in advance.
Allow 24 hrs. for appointment confirmation.

Kenneth & Cindy Smith -

Not only do Kenneth & Cindy heal and relax each guest they work on, they both are teachers and local favorites! Their kindness and healing touch have kept their guests coming back for years!

                Skin Therapy

The Facial
Treatments include consultation, facial cleansing, hydrating or detoxifying mask with hand and foot massage.We end with a moisturizing facial massage. Specific treatments are determined during consultation for your exact skin care needs.
Face & Neck - $65.00 - $85.00

Each facial is customized to skin care needs following these relaxing features.
Facial cleansing
Soft facial scrub
Cell rejuvenating ampule
Facial mask
Hand massage
Warm/Cold towel compress
Tea tree massage



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